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Examples of our work in Asia and the United States.

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Case Study

Air Asia

An FP&A model was designed to support the forecasting of Profit & Loss & Balance Sheets across multiple lines of business

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Case Study


Customer Objective
Telekom Malaysia wanted to replace its old actuals and budget consolidation system as it had been affecting their key management reporting timeline goals. The leaders in the Group Business Reporting team wanted a solution that was scalable, agile and user-friendly.

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Financial Planning & Analysis is the intersection between finance and corporate management. It comprises all management measures for coordination within the finance division, and the intersection between finance and the service division. One of the most important objectives of FP&A is to safeguard liquidity, i.e. the company’s ability to meet its payment obligations at all times. Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting are the primary instruments used to ensure liquidity. FP&A also includes financial consolidation. It enables precise group reports, fast financial statements and comprehensive financial control. In addition to maintaining liquidity, maximizing profits or increasing shareholder value is another goal. Consequently, FP&A coordinates the company’s financial resources in such a way that investments in performance will lead to an increase in value.