Get a unified view of financial performance

Standardize and share consolidated financial information faster for external reporting and internal performance analytics. Complete your integrated finance platform with integrated financial consolidation.

Accelerate complex financial consolidation and statutory reporting

Providing a unified view of financial performance across an entire group is a complex, tedious and time-consuming task for finance. Separate financial statements from subsidiaries, mergers and acquisitions, foreign currency translations and intercompany transactions add additional complexity. So it is not surprising that many organizations spend huge amounts of time and resources producing consolidated financial statements each year. With the Jedox Financial Consolidation solution you reduce manual work, accelerate statutory reporting and empower internal stakeholders with the information they need, when they need it.

Link financial consolidation with planning and performance management

Complete your financial planning and performance management platform with the fully integrated Financial Consolidation solution. The configurable solution has built in best-practices to help streamline the consolidation process, ensure full traceability, and accelerate external reporting according to international standards such as GAAP and IFRS. Finance transformation starts with a unified view of performance. Our integrated platform not only enables finance to provide flexible management reporting, but also empowers other business functions to get the information they need quickly from a single source of truth.

Discover our prebuilt solution for financial consolidation

Metora Financial Consolidation

A powerful solution to automate complex financial consolidation processes, accelerate statutory reporting and enable agile management reporting.

Streamline data collection and ensure full traceability

Streamline financial data integration from ERP systems and other sources, validate data and utilize automated workflows. Enable traceability of automated and manual bookings for audit-proof reporting.

Accelerate consolidations

Automate currency conversion, intercompany matching and consolidation processes.

Meet external and internal reporting needs

Meet various international statutory reporting requirements and internal management needs

Configure with ease

Configure consolidation rules, consolidation methods and reporting with the intuitive interface

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Financial Planning & Analysis is the intersection between finance and corporate management. It comprises all management measures for coordination within the finance division, and the intersection between finance and the service division. One of the most important objectives of FP&A is to safeguard liquidity, i.e. the company’s ability to meet its payment obligations at all times. Financial planning, budgeting and forecasting are the primary instruments used to ensure liquidity. FP&A also includes financial consolidation. It enables precise group reports, fast financial statements and comprehensive financial control. In addition to maintaining liquidity, maximizing profits or increasing shareholder value is another goal. Consequently, FP&A coordinates the company’s financial resources in such a way that investments in performance will lead to an increase in value.